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7 healthy ingredients to start your 2021

Whether you trying New Year New You or just looking to boost your immunity, these 7 ingredients are simple basics to add to every meal.

Breakfast Basics

  1. Organic Deluxe Muesli
You can add dried cranberries and apricots

Not only is this filled with natural fats, the nuts allow you to stay full for a busy day. As lipids contain 2x more energy that carbohydrates, the hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews and almonds guarantee your morning start.

Brunch, Lunch and Dunch

2. Gomitini Pasta

These rainbow-shaped pasta blend well with a potato salad and vegan mayonnaise. Although pasta has been labelled as unhealthy ‘Carbs,’ carbohydrates are actually a great energy storage.

Recipe idea: Potato vegan mayo potato salad by This Savoury Vegan

Pasta in particular is broken down quickly but still will be a nutritional meal. That is why a salad goes perfectly with gomitini pasta. Due to the petite size, a moderate amount will relieve your digestive system from working so hard. Adding a salad is an extra way to add a kick. Plus tomatoes remind me of Italy – I will let you dream about your future holiday plans ; )

Snack Time

One time of the day which is very important is tea time. As many people believe that eating only 3 meals a day is okay, snacks are essential to function especially if you are working late.

From our pantry at home, we have lots of dried fruits and nuts. These are quick to grab before you head out for work, and require little preparation before hand. Personally I recommend also having some extra vegetables to give your teeth a break from the acidity of fruit.


  1. Lentils
Recipe idea: Red Lentil Dahl by Bianca Zapatka, a food blogger

Lentils are a great gluten-free dinner idea and can make excellent chilli con carne. Lentils provide a great source of protein and the bright orange colour can add a pop of colour to your kitchen. Perfect after that morning workout.

2. Rice

Rice, particularly brown rice, is an excellent carbohydrate that can go with any curry. Having a bowl of rice per day will decrease your chance of overeating during dessert.

Having too little of a dinner or no snack during tea time definitely will leave you overeating which not only will lead to you feeling guilty but also you won’t enjoy your dessert.

Recipe idea: Basmati rice Pilaf with fruits and nuts by The Vegan Atlas


  1. Snail Trail

Now before you turn your nose up from this, it is not actually what it is to perceive. A combination of mulberries, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs is a savoury delight. Creamy, Crunchy and Chocolatey, I always pair it with a large spoon full of peanut butter and vegan chocolate milk.

Funny enough I’m munching some at the current moment because hey who said you can’t have dessert for lunch.

Anyways comment down below if you have any queries.

Much love, Sinead

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  1. The rainbow pasta looks good. I’ll have to put some on my next order. Great informative chatty article. 😊

    1. Hi Jenny, thank you for your feedback. I loved researching for it. Here’s for a healthy January 🙂 Sinead

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