Reuse Recycle Upcycle Zero Waste

Candle wax old to new Candles

Sunday afternoon what a lovely way to spend ones time reusing and recycling left over bits of candle wax.

Remove the old wicks and metal holders. Place the wax into a pouring metal pot. Fire up your stove top to a very low heat and watch the wax melt slowly.

While that is happening get your candle jars ready by placing new wick and metal holder in each candle jar securing it with glue. If you have wick holders use them to hold the wick if not use two knives side by side to hold the wick.

Once the wax is melting you can add essential oils if you have or just use the wax as it is. Gently pour into the containers filling half way. Allow them to cool slightly. The pour again slowly filling to the top. Make sure your wicks stay straight.

There you have new candles from old candle wax! Zero Waste at its best! Just in time for Galentines Valentines Day 🤍

PS. Be safe while handling the hot candle wax pot and pouring the wax.

Candle leftover wax melting session

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