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Exam season! 6 snacks to make you a mega mind

Ever catch yourself day dreaming while you do a past paper or keep telling yourself just one more episode? If so, I’m here to give you the energy – well my buddies are – to ace your exams like 1, 2, 3.

Snacks like any large meal, help you to keep you awake and refreshed to start that timer again.

Another great pointer is that they don’t have to drag you away from your desk for long periods of time. Often making a meal, may it be heating up a ready meal or just making a cheese toastie, can steal away time.

Thats why in your pantry you can grab an easy snack and be munching while your crunching those numbers.

No.1 Mulberries

Healthline states that having a couple of mulberries a day can greatly enrich your mineral intake. Particularly vitamin E.

This magic E can control your blood sugar levels especially during times of stress. Apparently when we were in the wild, or really in any situation of threat, a hormone called epinephrine increases our chance of survival by releasing glucose and lipids.

These pump us up to run or attack the threat.

However, the threats we face are no longer out there nor are they concrete but sometimes abstract emotions.

Due to our stationary lifestyles, these high levels of carbohydrates and lipids sit in our body.

Thats why mulberries can help us stay balanced, mentally and physically.

No. 2 Almonds

Like mulberries, almonds are also rich in vitamin E and contain the high levels of lipids that give us twice the amount of energy than carbohydrates.

More energy = more past papers

No. 3 Cacao

A little difference I need to mention is that cocoa and cacao are different powders.

Cocoa is when the beans are roasted and the cacao bean is not (thats why cacao tastes even better).

Cacao is a much better value for money as you have more nutrients. And there are a number of reasons why you should purchase it.

Firstly, because of stress, often we get a twisted stomach and high blood pressure – which is awful.

Nourish by WebMD explained that cacao can reduce these problems. In fact, a substance called flavonoid, lowers your blood pressure and reduces the inflammation. Which means no head aches – yay.

I read a little more on the subject and found on Medical News Today that the main ingredient is iron. Not only does it help your GI and immune system (beat that COVID), your body temperature is balanced. A rise in temperature or getting the chills, can often result in lack of focus.

To add to the beautiful power of chocolate, the Nutrition Council Australia stated that due to an increase in anandamide, the nerve cells boost in productivity, relieving anxiety as more serotonin is released.

And finally, cortisol (your stress hormone) is lowered, meaning no need to panic.

No. 4 Dried apricots

On The Indian Express, apricots were noted to contain magnesium. Apparently this ion can relieve muscle spasms and cramps. Wow, now thats what I call a super power.

Often we forget that our emotions affect our GI system. Cramping is definitely a symptom I feel right before an exam.

No. 5 Muesli

Usually I have my muesli in the morning for breakfast. Not only is it quick to prepare but also fills a  vital meal, improving your cognitive function and energy levels. So no bed head.

No. 6 Sunflower seeds

Especially during COVID, the immune system has never been more important. Sunflower seeds supports your immune system greatly. As hay fever is on the rise and the common cold, these seeds will make you ready for anything.

With that said I wish you well for your exams.

With much love and support x


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