Safety Razor (Lilac | Lavender) – Blades included | Jungle Culture




1 x Metal Safety Razor (Lilac | Lavender)
1 x Pack of 10 Jungle Culture blades
1 x Recycled kraft paper box

Additional razor blades can be purchased here.

Product details:

Our 2023 edition reusable safety razors feature a new and improved razor head, designed in the UK to dramatically reduce nicks and cuts – Perfect for first-time safety razor users.

Our metal safety razor handles have been updated with a deep-textured slip-resistant grip to improve the shaving experience and overall balance of the razors in the users’ hand.

Finally, our box designers have reduced the size of our packaging by over 35% when compared with our previous razors and other brands. Making our safety razors sustainable by design AND for online orders, our razors now fit in a large letter instead of a parcel.


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