Shitake Mushrooms Superfood Snack per 10grams




Love the taste of creamy mushrooms these moorish crunchie snack made with Shitake Mushrooms will be your next love of snack foods!

They are health too and they are my favourite (Eloise) from the wonderful collection by The Wholesome Crunch Co

Naturally high in fibre and not filled with sugars, artificial ingredients, palm oil or MSG. The perfect snack for all ages! The best part is they are refillable. You can order any amount and we can package them for you or refill your jars | bags.

Fresh Birtish Shitake Mushrooms 25%, tapioca flour, black gram flour, seed rape oil, vegetable stock powder, garlic powder, white pepper and baking powder

All are made in Windsor, Berkshire by The Wholesome Crunch Co.


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