Water Filter Charcoal Pieces

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They are here, finally a replacement to plastic wrapped filters.

We have charcoal filters which do the same job and are useful after their use!

They come in sets of 4 charcoal bits.  You need 4 for the reused water filter jug you have or you can use a jug or a glass drinking container – we had one in our cupboards. As ours is a large glass drinking container we need 8 charcoal bits.

Unpack your charcoal bits into a small pot and cover with water.  Place on stove top and simmer for 10minutes to clean. Once done remove them and leave them too cool.  Place inside your jug, old water filter jug or any jug you are using.  Fill your jug with water and allow to sit for 8hours then drink!  We fill ours in the evening. Top up every evening for fresh filtered water the next day.

Happy water filtering – it tastes amazing.  From a year of doing this we established that the filters need replacing every two months.

Once they have been used you can use them in your fridge, cupboards, windowsills to freshen the air making sure they receive sunshine every two weeks.  They are very useful in keeping mould down in the bathroom as long they receive the fortnightly dose of sunshine.  During winter place them in the sun on a windowsill for the day.



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