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Wrapped in Plastic

Not Fantastic!

With the onslaught of Barbie Land arriving…. Please only watch the movie and enjoy it!

Please choose the only way to save our home is to enjoy the movie and let all the marketing rubbish be left behind, only the oil companies, toy manufacturers will be making money. This money never goes back into the environment, they toys are not thought about as a long term problem.

If your children want a Barbie doll head to a charity shop, and ask friends and family to dig in their sheds, garages and attics… someone will have one.

For our home and your children’s future please keep plastic away from our lives.

Have a fabulous time at the movies and say Hi to Ken for me 😉

Much love Eloise & Sinead


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Plastic Storage the Danger

The use of plastic containers for our pantry dried food – many of us, use to use plastic containers for our cereals. In our home we have had only used glass as I do not like the smell of the food once it has been stored in a plastic container.

Storing Dried Pantry Food In Containers

The Little Zero Waste Home

With your intentions of refilling your containers you realise you have mixture of glass, plastic, bags and wonder if they will do? They all will do for refiling your pantry yet for storing your food that is a different story.

Plastic containers of any sort may contain numerous chemicals such as phthalates in them which can leach into your stored food making this one of the most important plastic-free kitchen swaps you need to do from a health perspective.

Old Tupperware can be reused as containers for the garage, car washing, playing in the sand, garden compost for example.

Glass jars are better suited for storing. Zero Waste old jars either from your neighbours friends family will have bottles going free as well some of your food already came in a jar. Remember to dishwasher them and the lids to make them hygienic for food use. In between refills you should give your jars a dishwasher clean to wash any bacteria away.

Glass jars are inexpensive from Ikea who stock a wonderful range too. Glass makes a pantry look beautiful as well being able to see inside for the contents. Labels eco friendly ones can also be adhered to them. Just remember for storing herbs and spices these are best in a tin or cotton bag which can be stored away from light. You could use glass yet keep them out of light and warm cupboards.

Zero Wasting is so much fun… see you in store soon with your jars and bags

Eloise & Sinead x

Having Fun Filling and Changing the way we Shop

Muddy Stiletto’s Finals 2023

Super excited we are in the finals

whoo! yippee! thank you to everyone.

Eloise & Sinead xx

Please nominate us under the category – Sustainable Lifestyle Business!

We would love to be nominated head to

Love making Berkshire green! Vote by the 8 May 2023!

Love Eloise & Sinead x

Reuse Recycle Upcycle Zero Waste

Surviving the crisis from 2020 to now…

For many of us these past few years have been the toughest financial and emotional.

Starting The Little Zero Waste Home in the early 2020 and then being shut down for lockdown was an unbelievable shock to our family. We had invested our time, emotions and money to start our small business. We were allowed to stay open as a delivery shop yet we had hardly started our client base, we posted endlessly on social media platforms and attempted to drum up business throughout the lockdown period.

We knew we had what West Berkshire residents needed and for our home Earth. As we only have a limited time left before the Earth had enough of being choked by plastic from our pasta, rice, fruit, nuts and spices… going packaging free was a certain. Yet we found that very few cared about refilling as with the covid virus one could not touch each others food, then the mistrust settled in where only plastic wrapped food was safe. This followed by long term staying at home and ordering everything online wrapped in plastic was convenient.

As I write this blog today I feel the need for zero waste living has become a ghost within the wrappings of plastic fear. We do not have much time left for this to end. It may not be our generation yet our children will have to deal with no food, oxygen, water, resources not us. We only see the beginning of the chaos.

The markets we have attended dwindled down with no one venturing out to see the world.

We have all one thing in common we are human. We have virus’ living within and around us, we have conquered many of the them, we had successful populated Earth utilising resources we have overcome many an obstacle.

When our grandparents were in World War they never thought there would be no future! They fought for our future. We need to the same now. Venturing out, supporting local business and keeping the economy within West Berkshire going will only benefit us. Buying local reduces your carbon footprint too, another win.

As I wind down my little deluge of about our small family business I live in hope that we all remember that we can do this. Hopefully we can be the generation to be remembered for saving our way of life by refilling, supporting local business and reducing our waste and carbon footprint. Please support us.

From our family business to yours,

Eloise & Sinead x

Having Fun Filling and Changing the way we Shop

Our GreenFest 2022

Looking forward to seeing everyone who wants to be the difference in making West Berkshire green.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.. being green is easy.

You can make the difference

You are the difference

GreenFest is a FREE fun, family event set in the stunning rural countryside of Hampstead Norreys, West Berkshire, to have fun seeing, interacting and hearing about tons of sustainability ideas and solutions, all in one place.
The event is organised solely by volunteers from across West Berkshire.

​Our aim is to gather sustainability inspiration all in one place to help individuals make choices, whilst having fun – so be prepared to be inspired! 

​The GreenFest committee is really look forward to welcoming you.

  • Zero Waste Ambitions for Our GreenFest
  • Save the map to your phone so you have it to refer to on the day!
  • Check out the Food & Drink vendors who will be there all day! 
  • WATER REFILL STATIONS: The White HartHampstead Norreys Community ShopVillage Hall.
  • Earn zero waste brownie points by bringing your own cutlery, plates and reusable cups/bottles.
  • The signage at the event has been created from donated pallets and donated paint & all the Zone boards are reusable. We have also borrowed signage from our local businesses, neighbours and the Newbury Showground (THANK YOU!)
  • Some of the bunting may be plastic but we’ve been using it at village events since 2010!
  • If you do generate waste there will be recycling bins around the village so please use these responsibly or better still, take your waste home.
  • ​Thank you to Every Can Counts for 3 free cardboard can bins for the day (Their aim is to recycle every can produced)
  • Bring your own bag or grab a ‘Bring me Back’ bag from the shop. The deal is you bring it back when you’re next in the vicinity. Great excuse to visit us again!

Let us be green together for us, our future! Eloise & Sinead xxx

Making Your Own

Homegrown Herbs

As the busy growing season is happening, I have been cutting loads of Sage, Chives, Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender as we grow them in organic soil with no artificial nasties in them. We have a selected amount of these wonderful herbs which we list on our product list. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed cutting, cleaning and drying them for you.

Lifestyle, Reuse Recycle Upcycle Zero Waste

Plastic Free July 2022

What does it mean Plastic Free July? What we hope to achieve is that we all use no plastic in our homes and lifestyles.

Bring your Own – BYO | Refill Reuse Repeat – RRR | Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle – RRRR

1 By replacing plastic wrapped food by refilling with your own containers bags, glass, boxes etc we will reduce our plastic use dramatically.

2 By refilling household products we will reduce our plastic use – your recycling will be zero on curb side!

3 By replacing our water bottles with reusable bottles which come in stunning designs and can be personalised making this a trendy way of not using plastic water bottles.

4 By replacing our eating utensils while on the go with reusable wood and metal cutlery which all come in a reusable bag for convenience.

5 By replacing our lunch time ready made sandwiches with repacked lunch in metal, wood, glass or even old plastic containers we reduce the need to buy plastic wrapped ready food. This will be changed once the supermarkets food shops get on board with the alternative cardboard and cellulose packaging. Then convenience will be easier than always remembering to make lunch… PS upside to making your own is saving you money too.

This is just the beginning … what would you do? Please let us know… we would love your input. We are all in this together x

Making Your Own

Harvesting Herbs

Every year in our garden we harvest our own herbs by cutting them in the early morning before it gets too hot or on a cloudy day. Its lovely to be able to collect your own herbs. Even a collection on a window sill will work. The more you cut the more they grow during spring and summer.

Mint Herb – Chocolate, Spearmint, Mint and Moroccan

After cutting look at each branch or leaf making sure there are no insects or blemishes remove those leaf parts into your compost bin or release back into the wild. Shake the stems to make sure all is gone.

Using a large bowl fill with water and add a 1/4 cup of bicarbonate of soda / baking soda mixing well. This mixture will clean the herbs thoroughly. Dunk the herbs in and individually hand wash them taking each one out and giving it a shake from excess water lay them onto a dry dishtowel. Lay the herbs slightly apart from each other and allow them to dry off the water.

Herb Cleaning Baking Soda & Water Bowl

Once dry then move them to a clean dry dishtowel and place them slightly apart in rows along the dishcloth. Then roll them up as if you are making a Swiss roll then label each roll with the herbs name – I use my herb & spice tins as labels. Keep them rolled up for a few days and weather dependent they can be dried quickly or they take a while. By wrapping them up in a dishtowel and not allowing light onto them they retain their colour.

Herb Swiss Rolls

Once they are dried unroll them. Then remove the leaves from the stems and crush them either with your hands, or use a herb cutter or a blitzing machine. Place your own dried herbs into the containers. Tin is best as it keeps them hidden from light which helps keep their colour and flavour. We will be stocking these lovely tins soon. They can be personalised too for you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy growing, cutting and drying your own herbs. #zerowaste

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you.

Please post any of your own photos by adding @thelittlezerowastehome and we can see what you have been up to. Looking forward to seeing them!

Eloise x

Reuse Recycle Upcycle Zero Waste

Candle wax old to new Candles

Sunday afternoon what a lovely way to spend ones time reusing and recycling left over bits of candle wax.

Remove the old wicks and metal holders. Place the wax into a pouring metal pot. Fire up your stove top to a very low heat and watch the wax melt slowly.

While that is happening get your candle jars ready by placing new wick and metal holder in each candle jar securing it with glue. If you have wick holders use them to hold the wick if not use two knives side by side to hold the wick.

Once the wax is melting you can add essential oils if you have or just use the wax as it is. Gently pour into the containers filling half way. Allow them to cool slightly. The pour again slowly filling to the top. Make sure your wicks stay straight.

There you have new candles from old candle wax! Zero Waste at its best! Just in time for Galentines Valentines Day 🤍

PS. Be safe while handling the hot candle wax pot and pouring the wax.

Candle leftover wax melting session
Having Fun Filling and Changing the way we Shop

Vegetarian Haggis

Celebrating Burns Night 25th January we have found a lovely recipe from Hamleys.


115g (4oz) Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal

60g (2oz) vegetarian suet

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1 carrot, peeled and finely chopped

30g (1oz) red lentils or yellow split peas – soaked overnight and drained

30g (1oz) chopped mixed nuts or blitzed sunflower seeds (optional). We used a mixture of walnuts, cashews and sunflower seeds.

1 level teaspoon of salt

1/2 level teaspoon black pepper

60ml – 150ml (4 tablespoons to half a pint) vegetable stock

Mix the oatmeal, suet, vegetables and lentils/split peas with the seasoning adding nuts or seeds. Add sufficient stock to make a moist consistency.

You can experiment by adding other vegetables like turnip, parsnip, potatoes or leeks. You can also try spicing it up a bit with more pepper, or add a touch of chilli if you like it hot!

To steam:

Put mixture into a lightly oiled pudding basin, place in a double boiler then cover and steam for 1 hour minutes until soft.

Microwave method:

Put mixture into a lightly oiled pudding basin. Cover the bowl with eco friendly film and pierce to allow steam to escape. Cook on high power for 3 minutes. Stir and repeat adding more stock if required. Stand for 1 minute and test to see if it is cooked. Continue cooking in one minute bursts until it is cooked around a total of 10 minutes. Remember to allow for it to continue cooking for a minute or two after it is removed from the microwave.

Happy Burns Night from all of us!