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    Plastic Free July 2022

    What does it mean Plastic Free July? What we hope to achieve is that we all use no plastic in our homes and lifestyles. Bring your Own – BYO | Refill Reuse Repeat – RRR | Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle – RRRR 1 By replacing plastic wrapped food by refilling with your own containers bags, glass, boxes etc we will reduce our plastic use dramatically. 2 By refilling household products we will reduce our plastic use – your recycling will be zero on curb side! 3 By replacing our water bottles with reusable bottles which come in stunning designs and can be personalised making this a trendy way of not…

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    Harvesting Herbs

    Every year in our garden we harvest our own herbs by cutting them in the early morning before it gets too hot or on a cloudy day. Its lovely to be able to collect your own herbs. Even a collection on a window sill will work. The more you cut the more they grow during spring and summer. After cutting look at each branch or leaf making sure there are no insects or blemishes remove those leaf parts into your compost bin or release back into the wild. Shake the stems to make sure all is gone. Using a large bowl fill with water and add a 1/4 cup of…

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    Candle wax old to new Candles

    Sunday afternoon what a lovely way to spend ones time reusing and recycling left over bits of candle wax. Remove the old wicks and metal holders. Place the wax into a pouring metal pot. Fire up your stove top to a very low heat and watch the wax melt slowly. While that is happening get your candle jars ready by placing new wick and metal holder in each candle jar securing it with glue. If you have wick holders use them to hold the wick if not use two knives side by side to hold the wick. Once the wax is melting you can add essential oils if you have…

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    Vegetarian Haggis

    Celebrating Burns Night 25th January we have found a lovely recipe from Hamleys. Ingredients 115g (4oz) Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal 60g (2oz) vegetarian suet 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 carrot, peeled and finely chopped 30g (1oz) red lentils or yellow split peas – soaked overnight and drained 30g (1oz) chopped mixed nuts or blitzed sunflower seeds (optional). We used a mixture of walnuts, cashews and sunflower seeds. 1 level teaspoon of salt 1/2 level teaspoon black pepper 60ml – 150ml (4 tablespoons to half a pint) vegetable stock Mix the oatmeal, suet, vegetables and lentils/split peas with the seasoning adding nuts or seeds. Add sufficient stock to make a moist…

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    Festive Gingerbread House & People

    This post may be a tad late for the festive season yet we had to share some of our traditions! Every year we get together with our family & friends for our annual Gingerbread house competition! Game on for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Loads of reshaping and cutting of the houses which are then ‘plastered’ together with icing. Covering them with copious amounts of sweets, chocolates and vegan marshmallows. Finishing them off with a sprinkle of snow! We send our festive wishes to everyone for a lovely festive 2021 season and may the New Year 2022 bring us all the support we need. Eloise & Sinead

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    Pumpkins.. the glorious Autumn Fall

    It begins with the chill in the morning air, the light changes in the sky and hints of red, gold and yellow in the leaves of the trees. Autumn Fall is beginning…. the glorious beautiful season… Being thankful and grateful for the bounty of the season we celebrate the occasion with loads of apples, pumpkins, gourds, pears, chestnuts falling from our trees and sprouting from our allotments. What will you be doing with your bounty this season. We have complied a few things to do with your pumpkins and gourds. We love them and have a few traditions we do and we would like to share them with you. Use…

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    How to make Waffles in under 20 minutes

    Happy Sunday, everybody! Sunday for us is a time where we still work, but we take the time in the morning to make vegan sausages and eggs. However, today we decided to make a favourite: Waffles. Sunday is a special time to sit around the table and enjoy what we often take for granted. I have a beautiful home, a giving and caring family and a delicious breakfast. So please do be mindful and have fun with your siblings, your partner or even a video chat. Ingredients: (* Ingredients in the pantry) 1 3/4 cups of flour* (we prefer cake flour, although we do not sell it) 1 tablespoon baking…

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    Crunchy peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

    As Autumn is on the way, my mom and I are getting ready for Fall to arrive. Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies are a perfect match for the greeting of the new term at school with friends or a simple snack for after hours. This recipe makes about 21 cookies or less. I know too well the craving of NO EGG dough. I mean, just whip out the ice cream for some warm cookie dough and cold ice cream. However if you are more patient, enjoy these biscuits once they are baked. Ingredients (in the Pantry shop*) 250g Stork or your chosen vegan butter 250g Whole Earth crunchy peanut…

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    Exam season! 6 snacks to make you a mega mind

    Ever catch yourself day dreaming while you do a past paper or keep telling yourself just one more episode? If so, I’m here to give you the energy – well my buddies are – to ace your exams like 1, 2, 3. Snacks like any large meal, help you to keep you awake and refreshed to start that timer again. Another great pointer is that they don’t have to drag you away from your desk for long periods of time. Often making a meal, may it be heating up a ready meal or just making a cheese toastie, can steal away time. Thats why in your pantry you can grab…