Making Your Own

Harvesting Herbs

Every year in our garden we harvest our own herbs by cutting them in the early morning before it gets too hot or on a cloudy day. Its lovely to be able to collect your own herbs. Even a collection on a window sill will work. The more you cut the more they grow during spring and summer.

Mint Herb – Chocolate, Spearmint, Mint and Moroccan

After cutting look at each branch or leaf making sure there are no insects or blemishes remove those leaf parts into your compost bin or release back into the wild. Shake the stems to make sure all is gone.

Using a large bowl fill with water and add a 1/4 cup of bicarbonate of soda / baking soda mixing well. This mixture will clean the herbs thoroughly. Dunk the herbs in and individually hand wash them taking each one out and giving it a shake from excess water lay them onto a dry dishtowel. Lay the herbs slightly apart from each other and allow them to dry off the water.

Herb Cleaning Baking Soda & Water Bowl

Once dry then move them to a clean dry dishtowel and place them slightly apart in rows along the dishcloth. Then roll them up as if you are making a Swiss roll then label each roll with the herbs name – I use my herb & spice tins as labels. Keep them rolled up for a few days and weather dependent they can be dried quickly or they take a while. By wrapping them up in a dishtowel and not allowing light onto them they retain their colour.

Herb Swiss Rolls

Once they are dried unroll them. Then remove the leaves from the stems and crush them either with your hands, or use a herb cutter or a blitzing machine. Place your own dried herbs into the containers. Tin is best as it keeps them hidden from light which helps keep their colour and flavour. We will be stocking these lovely tins soon. They can be personalised too for you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy growing, cutting and drying your own herbs. #zerowaste

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Eloise x

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