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Plastic Free July 2022

What does it mean Plastic Free July? What we hope to achieve is that we all use no plastic in our homes and lifestyles.

Bring your Own – BYO | Refill Reuse Repeat – RRR | Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle – RRRR

1 By replacing plastic wrapped food by refilling with your own containers bags, glass, boxes etc we will reduce our plastic use dramatically.

2 By refilling household products we will reduce our plastic use – your recycling will be zero on curb side!

3 By replacing our water bottles with reusable bottles which come in stunning designs and can be personalised making this a trendy way of not using plastic water bottles.

4 By replacing our eating utensils while on the go with reusable wood and metal cutlery which all come in a reusable bag for convenience.

5 By replacing our lunch time ready made sandwiches with repacked lunch in metal, wood, glass or even old plastic containers we reduce the need to buy plastic wrapped ready food. This will be changed once the supermarkets food shops get on board with the alternative cardboard and cellulose packaging. Then convenience will be easier than always remembering to make lunch… PS upside to making your own is saving you money too.

This is just the beginning … what would you do? Please let us know… we would love your input. We are all in this together x

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