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Plastic Storage the Danger

The use of plastic containers for our pantry dried food – many of us, use to use plastic containers for our cereals. In our home we have had only used glass as I do not like the smell of the food once it has been stored in a plastic container.

Storing Dried Pantry Food In Containers

The Little Zero Waste Home

With your intentions of refilling your containers you realise you have mixture of glass, plastic, bags and wonder if they will do? They all will do for refiling your pantry yet for storing your food that is a different story.

Plastic containers of any sort may contain numerous chemicals such as phthalates in them which can leach into your stored food making this one of the most important plastic-free kitchen swaps you need to do from a health perspective.

Old Tupperware can be reused as containers for the garage, car washing, playing in the sand, garden compost for example.

Glass jars are better suited for storing. Zero Waste old jars either from your neighbours friends family will have bottles going free as well some of your food already came in a jar. Remember to dishwasher them and the lids to make them hygienic for food use. In between refills you should give your jars a dishwasher clean to wash any bacteria away.

Glass jars are inexpensive from Ikea who stock a wonderful range too. Glass makes a pantry look beautiful as well being able to see inside for the contents. Labels eco friendly ones can also be adhered to them. Just remember for storing herbs and spices these are best in a tin or cotton bag which can be stored away from light. You could use glass yet keep them out of light and warm cupboards.

Zero Wasting is so much fun… see you in store soon with your jars and bags

Eloise & Sinead x

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  1. Nicki says:

    One important factor to remember when using glass containers in your drawers/cupboards/fridges and freezers… They are much heavier so don’t over load! I found this out the hard way😔

    1. Hi Nicki that must have been quite a frightening experience. Thank you for sharing. Warm wishes Eloise

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