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Pumpkins.. the glorious Autumn Fall

The Little Zero Waste Home Autumn Fall Halloween 2021

It begins with the chill in the morning air, the light changes in the sky and hints of red, gold and yellow in the leaves of the trees. Autumn Fall is beginning…. the glorious beautiful season…

Being thankful and grateful for the bounty of the season we celebrate the occasion with loads of apples, pumpkins, gourds, pears, chestnuts falling from our trees and sprouting from our allotments. What will you be doing with your bounty this season.

We have complied a few things to do with your pumpkins and gourds. We love them and have a few traditions we do and we would like to share them with you.

Use your pumpkins as decorations by your front door / porch, around your home and kitchen.

As Halloween rolls in…. carve your lovely pumpkin with your designs and have a spooky time. Scoop out the seeds and string bits. Keep these to the side. Scoop out the flesh of the pumpkin and keep these to the side too. Carve your designs and light them up for the bewitching hour and welcoming of the guest ghosts and trick or treaters.

With the scooped out pumpkin flesh use it to make chutney (recipe on our next blog) or even throw it with some carrots, parsnips, cinnamon and maple syrup to make the most delightful roast vegetable dish.

Take the stringy bits and seeds, wash them seperating them. Throw the stringy bits away in your compost or food waste bin. Dry the pumpkin seeds with kitchen towel. In a bowl add the cleaned pumpkin seeds, add either cajun spice or pumpkin spice with a touch of salt and mix together coating the seeds. Lay the seeds on a baking tray and bake for 5 minutes in a 180degree oven… watching they do not burn. Enjoy!

Once Halloween has passed take your pumpkin and chop into bits leaving some for wildlife under trees, then add the rest to your garden compost. When you don’t have a garden compost use the whole pumpkin in the garden and fill up with seeds for the birds, hang the pumpkin from a tree. When done then throw the balance into your food waste cellulose bag and place in your green bin. This is available to West Berkshire residents.

Happy Halloween! Have a fab time trick or treating!

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