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Surviving the crisis from 2020 to now…

For many of us these past few years have been the toughest financial and emotional.

Starting The Little Zero Waste Home in the early 2020 and then being shut down for lockdown was an unbelievable shock to our family. We had invested our time, emotions and money to start our small business. We were allowed to stay open as a delivery shop yet we had hardly started our client base, we posted endlessly on social media platforms and attempted to drum up business throughout the lockdown period.

We knew we had what West Berkshire residents needed and for our home Earth. As we only have a limited time left before the Earth had enough of being choked by plastic from our pasta, rice, fruit, nuts and spices… going packaging free was a certain. Yet we found that very few cared about refilling as with the covid virus one could not touch each others food, then the mistrust settled in where only plastic wrapped food was safe. This followed by long term staying at home and ordering everything online wrapped in plastic was convenient.

As I write this blog today I feel the need for zero waste living has become a ghost within the wrappings of plastic fear. We do not have much time left for this to end. It may not be our generation yet our children will have to deal with no food, oxygen, water, resources not us. We only see the beginning of the chaos.

The markets we have attended dwindled down with no one venturing out to see the world.

We have all one thing in common we are human. We have virus’ living within and around us, we have conquered many of the them, we had successful populated Earth utilising resources we have overcome many an obstacle.

When our grandparents were in World War they never thought there would be no future! They fought for our future. We need to the same now. Venturing out, supporting local business and keeping the economy within West Berkshire going will only benefit us. Buying local reduces your carbon footprint too, another win.

As I wind down my little deluge of about our small family business I live in hope that we all remember that we can do this. Hopefully we can be the generation to be remembered for saving our way of life by refilling, supporting local business and reducing our waste and carbon footprint. Please support us.

From our family business to yours,

Eloise & Sinead x

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