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    Butternut Soup

    Warm spicy butternut soup for those rainy days…. I make this soup with my homemade bread on days when the sun is gone and the rain monkey has brought the clouds to play with. Each time I make the recipe there is a new flavour as each butternut is different coming from different parts of the world. This year Sinead and I planted our own butternut plants – they are currently in the garden with beautiful butternuts waiting for a few more sunny days and then we can harvest them. We are looking forward to tasting our homegrown butternuts. Ingredients

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    Apple Dutch Cupcakes

    It was my Dad’s birthday last weekend and he loves apple bakes, apple pie, apple crumble actually any apple cake I set about making one of my favourites Apple Dutch Cake which I made into cupcakes. As Covid is making visiting difficult I opted for cupcakes and had them delivered to Dad and Mom to celebrate Dad’s 78th birthday. We video conferenced which was the next best thing…. candle blowing and singing happy birthday too him with the whole family was very surreal yet comforting that we are able to see each other even it is virtually. Filling the house with pumpkin spice smells and apples, autumn fall had surely…