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Wrapped in Plastic

Not Fantastic!

With the onslaught of Barbie Land arriving…. Please only watch the movie and enjoy it!

Please do not buy any plastic dolls and gimmicks as they will all land in landfill one day. With your children they will grow up and will throw this toy away and yet it is not biodegradable… it will live in the trash forever!

Please choose the only way to save our home is to enjoy the movie and let all the marketing rubbish be left behind, only the oil companies, toy manufacturers will be making money. This money never goes back into the environment, they toys are not thought about as a long term problem.

If your children want a Barbie doll head to a charity shop, ask friends and family to dig in their sheds, garages and attics… someone will have one.

For our home and your children’s future please keep plastic away from our lives.

Have a fabulous time at the movies and say Hi to Ken for me 😉

Much love Eloise & Sinead

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